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Warm Winter Gloves Windproof
Art: GB-WG-1507


Coated with conductive material on the thumb and index finger, you can freely texting, typing, playing games on smartphones, tablets, smart watches, GPS and other devices. You can enjoy how warm these gloves for keyboard are, and let you continue your work without fully exposing your hand.

Wind proof, fast drying, and breathable materials to keep hands moisture free. 

Soft flannel lining have also been successfully integrated in to thermal gloves, making them not only wind proof but also light and very flexible. 

The slip on cuff fits comfortably on the wrist without inhibiting movements. 

These workout running gloves are coated with silicone grip on the palm, middle finger, ring finger and little finger, which effectively improves the grip strength and abrasion resistance of the warm gloves. Even in rainy days, it can hold any items firmly, 

There is a reflective pattern on the back of the glove. It can reflect light and improve the safety of riding at night.

Our winter gloves for man and women are fashionable, comfortable and warm. This kind of sports warm gloves is not only suitable for indoor sports such as weightlifting, exercise, fitness, etc., but also widely used in outdoor activities such as cycling, running, driving, motorcycling, walking, hunting, hiking, climbing, golfing, fishing and so on.

Thermal winter gloves are affordable, offer unisex sizing, and keep your hands warm even when temperatures drop below zero, which are perfect for men and women. 





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